Cook up a CG Meal 3dworld N.259

My passion is everything is exist in the CG world and spends all of my time in this field. Reading Magazine, work with many different software and plugins which can help me progress more and more. The idea started when I see some tasty pictures on the internet. The Royal Dish is a personal project and I decided to do different work in CG filed.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to simulate a Food dish scene. to get started, we need a great reference that we can do by searching on the internet or going to a restaurant on a holiday night or even watching the program’s food channels to achieve this goal. Design and detail and also the color variation in this scene are very important because we have to create a scene so that besides the attractive, everyone will be hungry to see it! In this scene, a variety of software is used to achieve a beautiful and realistic scene which you can see in the different stages of the final rendering process.

Hope you enjoy reading this article.

The most important factor

  • Using 3Ds Max- Marvelous Designer- Zbrush for modeling process.
  • Using Phoenix FD, Frost mx for making souse.
  • Using Vray, Photoshop for Rendering.

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