Create a sport car advertisement 3dworld N.266

The inspiration for this work came to me when I saw various photos of moving sports cars on the internet. All the cars were accompanied by motion blur, which is a beautiful effect that simulates moving volumes, and I was very fascinated.

This idea led me to do even more research into this area so that I   could display the car in other modes, such as various types of advertisements and showrooms.

The technique used in this scene, which was rendered with the Corona rendering engine, is the ‘photo backplate’ technique. In this scene, an attempt has been made to define a story, presented in the form of an advertisement.

Therefore, the car must be rendered in different modes, colors and scenes, such as outdoor and indoor, moving or still, in order to effectively convey this narrative. In this scene, the car material


as well as the quality of the photo used in the background is very important and must be prepared in high resolution before we start. So, let’s begin!

Hope you enjoy reading this article.

The most important factor

  • Using 3Ds Max for modeling process.
  • Using Corona for Rendering.
  • Using Photoshop for post production.

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