Design a Mountain Archviz Scene 3dworld N.281

The article we are going to talk about today is about building an architectural simulation scene this time with a different atmosphere located in the desert. Rocky red mountains are the best idea to build and simulate an external architectural scene.

Modern and minimal villa that is covered with black stone, white cement and wood. The way to reach this villa is through the mountains and roads, which you can easily reach with a safari car, which may not be noticed by many people in the scene, but you have to put it on the scene to be able to tell a true story.

I decided to make the best use of all the mega assets in this scene to simulate a beautiful and real scene by combining these rocks and boulders. The location of a villa on top of this flat rock helps the project to be real.

In modeling and creating this scene, 3dsmax software has been used and for rendering and simulation, Corona rendering engine has been used. I always look at different references before starting a project so that I can have a good idea of the scene. I suggest you use websites like Pinterest to see your different views before starting a project by looking at different photos. In the following, you will see how several different and powerful plugins have been used to create this scene. I invite you to see this scene.

The most important factor

  • UsingĀ 3Ds Max for modeling process.
  • Using Forest Pack Plugin
  • Using Corona, Photoshop for Rendering.

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