Design a Beautiful Modern Villa 3dworld N.275

The subject of this article is about Visualizing a modern villa located in Australia. The architect of this project has designed this villa in such a way that we have a green area in front of the villa with a parking entrance. This villa is surrounded by 2 neighboring villas and is surrounded by a beautiful swimming pool with a fountain and also a relatively small green space behind the villa.
This Visualizing is executive work to be done in Australia and has a tropical regional climate that requires the use of related plants and trees.
I had some interesting challenges for this simulation project, the most important of which was the completely real fountain show in the pool, which is one of the strengths of this villa. The best way to build and simulate fluids is the Phoenix plugin, which I used.
The material of the villa is white and dark Gray cement. Also, wood material has been used for parking doors and part of the entrance. The use of glass along with a few apartment plants in the facade of the building has given a beautiful effect to this villa.
To speed up the rendering and have a light space, I used the Forest Pack plugin and the proxy method for scattering to prevent the rendering time from increasing due to having too many polygons.
All the steps of making this scene are explained in the continuation of the full article and I hope you enjoy reading this article

The most important factor

  • Using¬†3Ds Max for modeling process.
  • Using Phoenix.Plugin¬†for making Fountain.
  • Using Corona, Photoshop for Rendering.

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