Design a stylish Scandinavian room 3dworld N.273

I have always been very interested in Scandinavian style because this style creates a very relaxing atmosphere due to the use of a lot of natural ambient light and sunshine,
That’s why I decided to paint a small apartment that includes a bedroom and a dining room.
Before we start, we should always consider what we want to do, given that this space is supposed to show the Scandinavian style, so I need to get a lot of ambient light through the glass doors and large windows of the house.
In general, I tried to use a harmonious combination of neutral and warm colours in this project. Colours such as white, Gray, cream, and light brown, as well as black, can always be used in this style, except for the main colours, according to the artist’s taste.

Always use wood material for the dining table and also use fabrics with a very simple texture with minimal, neutral and bright colours can be the best choice for this style.

It should also be noted that in this style, house flowers and plants are usually used along with large green leaves, which can evoke an interesting atmosphere for us with the contrast that it creates in the colour combination of the house.


Details may not be very important in Scandinavian or minimalist style projects, but this is completely wrong. The room can greatly contribute to the beauty and naturalness of the scene. Of course, it should be noted that you should be very careful when mastering cables because, in this style, it is usually tried that the power cables are not very specific.

The most important factor

  • Using 3Ds Max for modeling process.
  • Using Pop Art Styling Painting.
  • Using Corona, Photoshop for Rendering.

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