Create an autumnal archviz scene 3dworld N.269

The idea for this project started when I was going to start the Forest Pack plugin training package and get ready to explain the workshops, I was going to explain in this training package. So, for the project, I needed to simulate a space inside the forest with lots of plants and leaves so that I could take advantage of the power and features of this plugin. I think the best season for this scene was autumn, so I looked for the best reference so that I could simulate a modern and minimal villa in a forest space in autumn.
Autumn simulation at night can be very good due to the harmony of orange and blue, so I decided to bring the simulation space closer tonight so that I can take advantage of the blue light that is scattered in space and also the sky that is dark blue. And create beautiful harmony. The materials that make up this villa are metal, mirror, concrete, and glass, and the inside of the villa is made of wood cabinets and furniture arrangement with purple fabric material.
The exterior of the villa has been used with several lights to illuminate the forest environment so that we can see the exterior of the villa in rendering. The focus of this scene simulation is technically based on the Forest Pack plugin and the Scattering operation, which is one of the most important simulation operations in the archviz topic. In this article, I will try some of the techniques performed in this scene by the Forest plugin. I have to pay. In this scene, various software has been used which have been very effective in the project construction process. 

The most important factor

  • Using 3Ds Max- SpeedTree for modeling process.
  • Using Forest Pack for Scattering.
  • Using Vray, Photoshop for Rendering.

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